Video Marketing Overview

Video & Photography have fueled the growth of  ‘New Media’.  With faster Internet connections, and digital video and photo cameras everywhere, the use of video and photography on the web has exploded. Now you can use the story telling power of video quickly, much less expensively, and more often to perform actual ‘selling’ on the web.

It is now possible to use video to accomplish steps in your selling process.

Social & Business media, blogs, and web sites, with their easy embedding capabilities, allow photos and videos to be shown to thousands of people on whatever device they are using.

At Broad Reach New Media we create several kinds of videos with different levels of filming and editing. Each type of video has it’s place depending on your needs, goals, and what information you need to convey to sell your product or service.  Video clips are often used today, instead of long videos, because of how easily they can be inserted onto web sites and online social media and business media sites.

  • Series of quick smaller videos with minimal editing that look great, communicate vast amounts of information quickly, and can be used in a variety of ways.
  • Videos & photos of your events, speaking engagements, etc., that can be used to show your involvement in your industry and improve your industry knowledge reputation.
  • Set up video shooting programs for your video blog
  • Informational and training videos that are more of a documentary style
  • Editing of your existing video into new works and media formats

We often look to shoot video in small segments, e.g., each speaker at an event, or a small clip for each product or service, so they can easily be ‘posted’ to web sites, or social media sites.

We have lots of examples we can show you. Call us and we can quickly discuss what your needs are, and then show you real life applications of video that can enhance your company image, communicate more information, and bring social media alive.