Ask Before You Act

If you are visiting this blog you more than likely have heard of SEO, maybe you have even used it for your web site. When using the powers of SEO it is important to have the best writing you can to draw in the attention of your consumer. That’s why some people hire experts to write this content. An article by Nicole Beckett of, ”5 Questons to Ask Before Purchasing SEO Content,” does a great job of going over what you should be looking for in a writer. One thing you might want to know about a writer is what they have done in their past to make them qualified for the job. To learn more about what you should be looking for in a writer, click here.

What Does Google Have To Say About Mobile Search and SEO?

Now that it’s more common for a company to have a normal site and a mobile site, people are asking what Google has to say about mobile sites their effect on SEO. According to Bryson Meunier of Search Engine Land and his article, ”Do You Know Google’s Official Stance On Mobile Search & SEO?” there are 8 different angles out there in terms of mobile search on Google. Thoughts come from Google employees Matt Cutts, John Mueller, and more. To readthe full article and see all 8 angles, click here.

Will Using PPC Help?

In short, yes, we believe so. However, it might not be enough to just hear that coming from us. We found an interesting article by Melissa Mackey from Search Engine Watch called, ”Why PPC is an Effective Form of Advertising,” that explains why, if used correctly, PPC can be very effective. She even goes on to say that PPC, unlike SEO, has very little to do with an algorithm. Read the full article here.