Try It Out – It’s Google Afterall

No matter the size of your business, you have most likely incorporated Google into it someway or somehow. One particular tool a lot of businesses use is Google AdWords. Selecting the words or phrases you want to use can be very challenging, but thanks to another Google tool it can be a bit easier. An article by Greg ​Habermann from Search Engine Watch, ”Not Sure Where to Spend Your PPC Dollars? Try Google Insights for Search,” gives you a look into a different method of picking your AdWords. The article states, ”Insight for Search allows you to compare searches over time and filter down through its taxonomy of advertising categories by locale.” Sounds pretty neat to us. Check out the full article, here.

What Does Google Have To Say About Mobile Search and SEO?

Now that it’s more common for a company to have a normal site and a mobile site, people are asking what Google has to say about mobile sites their effect on SEO. According to Bryson Meunier of Search Engine Land and his article, ”Do You Know Google’s Official Stance On Mobile Search & SEO?” there are 8 different angles out there in terms of mobile search on Google. Thoughts come from Google employees Matt Cutts, John Mueller, and more. To readthe full article and see all 8 angles, click here.