How do you:

  • Get the right people to find your videos on the web?
  • Use videos to make your existing marketing more effective?
  • Enhance your online reputation relative to your competitors?
  • Get your prospects to take action and contact you about your products or services?

We believe making your marketing meaningful compared to your competitors starts with strategy & positioning. Our strategy & research process identifies the market niches, competitive strengths your company offers, and the sales process your customers go through to purchase your type of products or services. We also identify the search terms, methods, and sites your prospects are using to find that information.

Armed with the proper information, we can create videos that are part of a coordinated marketing effort so that your videos and video marketing plan:

Communicate Your Message

Are found by search engines

Fuel all of your online media

Enhance direct selling activities

Call us or email us and well be glad to show you more about our positioning & Strategy process and the action plan it delivers