Get Found On The Web! – Broad Reach New Media & Now We’re Cookin’ Team up to educate food businesses about Web Video Marketing Strategies in Evanston, July 15.

Now We’re Cookin’ (with commercial kitchens in Evanston, IL for Food businesses) is partnering with Broad Reach New Media, specialists in web video marketing, in offering a seminar focusing on video web strategies. Interested participants can reserve a spot in the session scheduled for July 15.

Video in process

Video in process

100 million people take a social action on You Tube every week!

Evanston, Il (PRWEB) June 25, 2013

Broad Reach New Media will be bringing their web video marketing expertise to Now We’re Cookin‘s commercial and demonstration kitchens in Evanston, Illinois for a short but effective seminar for Food Business owners.

YouTube has evolved to be the number two search engine, making videos an essential part of any marketing plan. The marriage of culinary skill, social media and story-telling expertise promises to deliver dynamic and unique results that will help clients “Get Found On The Web” This seminar will help participants understand how, why, and when to incorporate video into online marketing activities to dramatically enhance their impact. As a bonus, each business owner will receive a complimentary photo (head shot) to be utilized in web marketing and social media campaigns. The seminar costs $25 and is scheduled for Monday, July 15, from 6 – 7:30.

Participants will receive priority booking for a follow-up workshop in Broad Reach New Media’s portable studio (to be scheduled in August). In the subsequent session, participants will receive a web video ready to be utilized in a variety of social media environments.

About Now We’re Cookin’:
Now We’re Cookin’ is a culinary center promoting culinary entrepreneurship and innovative culinary events. Its commercial kitchens are home to small culinary enterprises and host to the new Food Business Incubator program which is structured to accelerate the progress of food business start-ups. In the exciting demonstration kitchen, Now We’re Cookin’s team of talented chefs conduct a wide range of cooking classes, host private parties and events as well as corporate team meetings, schedule celebrity chef demonstrations and welcome film/video production teams.

Broad Reach New Media specializes in telling client’s stories using web video marketing, photography and social media. Broad Reach New Media has over 10 years of experience performing a wide variety of internet marketing and web video marketing activities.



When we do company-wide portraits, to create a uniform set of photos of everyone, they can be used in all online and offline media. We take the portraits on one more days, depending on availability of your people, but we record the lighting and background setup so the subsequent photos match the ones already taken. We can bring our equipment to your office in order to photograph as many people as possible at once. We can also duplicate the setup at our office if some people up photos need to be taken.

We immediately upload the photos the our online photo system, where you can view and access your portfolio of photographs. You have the ability to download the images in digital form at various sizes depending on what they will be used for. You can also order prints (with the ability to easily crop them to various sizes) right from the site with the printed photographs being delivered directly to you. If we are doing other marketing work for your company, we can access the photos for use in any of your online or offline media we create.

Types of Photo Shoots

Sports Photography
If your company is involved in sporting event, or sporting goods, capturing the photographs of the action (and writing the story for publication) can greatly enhance your visual image.

Stock Photo   Shoot 

We take a variety of photos around your company to create a set of images that can be used in a variety of marketing materials, web site, and social media campaigns.  Instead of going to a stock agency for ‘generic’ photos, we take photos of your products, people, building, etc., to create a stockpile of images that are unique to your company.  We strive to create a uniform ‘style’ that conveys your companies competitive advantage in the marketplace.  As ongoing marketing activities and campaigns are enacted, the photographs are available in your database for use.

Service Shoots
Describing a service that your company provides takes a bit more planning.  Usually it requires telling the story with a series of photographs that show the process and the positive outcomes of the service.

Event Photo Shoot
Creating some photographs (and video clips) of the events your company holds, or are involved in, creates excellent content for adding to your website and for making social and business media posts.

Marketing Campaign Shoot
Often, photographs are needed to be included in a specific online or offline marketing campaign.   These types of photographs are highly dependent on the goals of the campaign.  We can create the creative imagery to support the marketing campaigns goals for the online and/or offline medium the campaign will be based.  These photos may be highly produced or quickly shot depending on the needs.

Broad Reach New Media can create the videos and photographs that will communicate your message and give you content to distribute on the web in the places your prospects and customers are visiting. We not only create the visual content, but we enhance the search engine visibility of your imagery by tagging your videos and photographs with strategic keywords and other information so they can be found by your prospects on the web.

We have lots of examples we can show you. Call us and we can quickly discuss what your needs are, and then show you real life applications of video that can enhance your company image, communicate more information, and bring social media alive.

Video Marketing Overview

Video & Photography have fueled the growth of  ‘New Media’.  With faster Internet connections, and digital video and photo cameras everywhere, the use of video and photography on the web has exploded. Now you can use the story telling power of video quickly, much less expensively, and more often to perform actual ‘selling’ on the web.

It is now possible to use video to accomplish steps in your selling process.

Social & Business media, blogs, and web sites, with their easy embedding capabilities, allow photos and videos to be shown to thousands of people on whatever device they are using.

At Broad Reach New Media we create several kinds of videos with different levels of filming and editing. Each type of video has it’s place depending on your needs, goals, and what information you need to convey to sell your product or service.  Video clips are often used today, instead of long videos, because of how easily they can be inserted onto web sites and online social media and business media sites.

  • Series of quick smaller videos with minimal editing that look great, communicate vast amounts of information quickly, and can be used in a variety of ways.
  • Videos & photos of your events, speaking engagements, etc., that can be used to show your involvement in your industry and improve your industry knowledge reputation.
  • Set up video shooting programs for your video blog
  • Informational and training videos that are more of a documentary style
  • Editing of your existing video into new works and media formats

We often look to shoot video in small segments, e.g., each speaker at an event, or a small clip for each product or service, so they can easily be ‘posted’ to web sites, or social media sites.

We have lots of examples we can show you. Call us and we can quickly discuss what your needs are, and then show you real life applications of video that can enhance your company image, communicate more information, and bring social media alive.

Event Videos

Capturing Your Events


Creating video and photography of your events is a fantastic way to communicate your message to all of your prospects and customers who may not have attended the event.




  • Creates content to distribute on social networks and business industry sites
  • Tell the story of your companies activities
  • Communicate your message to new prospects
  • Enhance your search engine visibility
  • Add value for your speakers and participants at your events


We have a range of the types of videos and photography to capture your events

  • One videographer/photographer captures representative video clips and photos of an event. The video clips are trimmed and converted for use on web sites, social media, blogs.
  • One videographer and one photographer shoot the event more completely, possibly recording the whole event.
  • Multi videographers and photographer capture the whole event from different angles. An edited video is created essentially showing the event in its entirety. Video interviews or other special segments can also be added to the video. The custom DVD CoverCustom menu of DVD when put in DVD

We can create a commemorative DVD of the event with a custom designed cover 





The custom DVD Cover


Custom menu of DVD when put in DVD



More than 1 billion users visit YouTube each month

25% of YouTube views come from mobile devices

YouTube is the third largest search engine.  Having your own YouTube channel allows your message to be found on not only YouTube, but also Google and the other search engines directly, in addition to everywhere else on the web that your videos are placed.

Videos that are placed on YouTube, Vimeo, or other sites, can be:

  • Easily embedded into your website
  • Inserted into your social media posts
  • ​Emailed to prospects, customers, and partners
  • Distributed via video press releases
  • Easily viewed on smart phones, iPads, etc.

Celebrity Profiles 2

Devin Hester, Earl Jones, and Art Norman were honored as “Fathers of the Year” by the Illinois Fatherhood Initiative. The videos were shown at the Celebration of Fatherhood event and help further IFI’s mission to help promote responsible fathering.

Devin Hester Father of the Year video

Earl Jones Father of the Year video

Art Norman Father of the Year video

Photo Shoots

We often do photographs in addition to the video shoot.  Photos can be used in videos and they are good to have on file for use in for use on web sites and hard copy materials.





Photo shoots are done on location or in the studio.







Creative effects can be utilized to make imagery for your online and offline material that is more memorable.