Joomla! Used By The Big Buys

We recently posted about creating your own Joomla! site, but do you know how powerful this tool really is? Some of the biggest companies in the world use Joomla! for their own websites. According to Tom McCracken from New Evolution Designs some of the companies include: McDonalds, Sony Pictures, and IKEA. To find out the rest of the companies that use Joomla!, click here.

Video To The Rescue

Video has been around for quite some time, but not a lot of companies use it as a branding technique for their company and their company web site. Video offers elements that text just can’t. According to an article by Robert Weiss from Talent Zoo, ”Using Video to Grow Your Business,” using video on the company web site makes a company seem more personal. If a video includes something like employee interviews, then a visitor to the site may feel like he/she is more in tune with that person’s company. If you would like to learn about some of the other benefits that video has on your company web site, click here.

How Far Can a Tweet Get Your Business

Twitter is easy to make fun of by people who simply think it’s making tweets about sitting in traffic, but it can also be used to help your small business. Lisa Barone, from Small Business Trends wrote the article, ”80 Ways to Use Twitter As A SMB Owner,” that can give you a lot of help if you are unfamiliar with using the social site for business purposes. As mentioned in the title, there are 80 ways so we can’t talk about them all right now, but here is one of our favorites. You can make a good ​name for your company by being the first to share news in your industry. To see ​​the ​complete list, click here.

What Does Google Have To Say About Mobile Search and SEO?

Now that it’s more common for a company to have a normal site and a mobile site, people are asking what Google has to say about mobile sites their effect on SEO. According to Bryson Meunier of Search Engine Land and his article, ”Do You Know Google’s Official Stance On Mobile Search & SEO?” there are 8 different angles out there in terms of mobile search on Google. Thoughts come from Google employees Matt Cutts, John Mueller, and more. To readthe full article and see all 8 angles, click here.

Save Your Reputation

Just like in real life, you must protect your online reputation as well. All it takes is one bad comment about your company on the internet to really hurt your business. An article by Sheri Harrison of, ”People Talk. Protect Your Business With Online Reputation Management,” talks about the importance of hiring a specialist to help cover up anything bad that may have been said about your company. Remember, it just takes one (even if it’s false and from a competitor) comment to really hurt your online repuation. To read the full article and learn more about what an internet marketing specialist can do for you, click here.

LinkedIn Company Page

You may have a personal LinkedIn page, but that shouldn’t stop you from making a company page as well. Having a company page can add a whole new element to your business’ presence on the social networking site. Laura Christianson, from the Snohomish County Business Journal wrote an article, ”Encourage discussion with a LinkedIn company page,” explaining how you can customize your companies page. One of the coolest features is the ”analytics tab” that allows the company page administrator to view stats about the page. To check out the full article, click here.

Will Using PPC Help?

In short, yes, we believe so. However, it might not be enough to just hear that coming from us. We found an interesting article by Melissa Mackey from Search Engine Watch called, ”Why PPC is an Effective Form of Advertising,” that explains why, if used correctly, PPC can be very effective. She even goes on to say that PPC, unlike SEO, has very little to do with an algorithm. Read the full article here.

Can WordPress Be Used For Business?

Of course. It is becoming more and more popular for businesses to use WordPress not only as a blogging tool, but as a platform to build their web site. An article from Inc., ”How to use WordPress for Business,” explains in depth why using WordPress is a fantastic idea for companies. We think everyone can enjoy at least one thing about WordPress, it’s free! Learn more about how WordPress can help your buiness, here.