Try It Out – It’s Google Afterall

No matter the size of your business, you have most likely incorporated Google into it someway or somehow. One particular tool a lot of businesses use is Google AdWords. Selecting the words or phrases you want to use can be very challenging, but thanks to another Google tool it can be a bit easier. An article by Greg ​Habermann from Search Engine Watch, ”Not Sure Where to Spend Your PPC Dollars? Try Google Insights for Search,” gives you a look into a different method of picking your AdWords. The article states, ”Insight for Search allows you to compare searches over time and filter down through its taxonomy of advertising categories by locale.” Sounds pretty neat to us. Check out the full article, here.

Welcome To The Club

It appears that more and more small businesses are coming around to using social media. It’s about time, right? According to an article from, ”Constant Contact Survey Reveals Significant shift in Small Businesses’ Willingness to Use Social Media Marketing,” are using social media more often to have conversations with their target markets. The survey showed that small businesses find Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn more effective than in previous surveys. It’s about time that small businesses began to understand the importance of social media. To see specific numbers and results of the survey, click here.

Does Klout Matter To My Business?

For those of you who don’t know what a Klout Score is, we have some help becasue not only do you need to know what it is, but you need to know why it’s important to your business. Michael Cohn, from biznik, offers some help into learning what your Klout score means. The article covers true reach, amplification probability, and network score. Learn what each means, here.

YouTube Gone Wrong

By now you have learned about the powers of YouTube and how it could really help ​your business, but if not used correctly they can also hurt you. Danny Wong from ​The ​Next Web shared 5 YouTube videos gone wrong and how be believes they could have been made better. The only one Broad Reach doesn’t agree with is Old Spice, we think that video was very effective. To check out the videos, click here.

YouTube: Just The Tips

Hey, look it’s a monkey smelling it’s butt! Yes, YouTube has hilarious videos like the one just mentioned, but it’s also a fantastic tool for your business. Amy-Mae Elliot from Mashable wrote the article, ”Top 10 YouTube Tips for Small Businesses,” that could be a great deal of help to you and your small business. One tool we think is very cool that YouTube offers is their auto-captioning, so even those with hearing problems can enjoy your videos. For some other tips from Mashable, click here.

Stand Out

It’s easy to become just another generic web site with nothing too appealing for your visitor to look at. That’s why we can’t stress enough the importance to have good photogrpahy on you site. An article from The New York Times by Nick Bilton, ”People Ignore Generic Photos Online,” has some very interesting studies about what draws people in while online. One thing the article mentions to avoid is using stock photogrpahy for your site. To learn more about what the eye wants to see on your web site, click here.

Ask Before You Act

If you are visiting this blog you more than likely have heard of SEO, maybe you have even used it for your web site. When using the powers of SEO it is important to have the best writing you can to draw in the attention of your consumer. That’s why some people hire experts to write this content. An article by Nicole Beckett of, ”5 Questons to Ask Before Purchasing SEO Content,” does a great job of going over what you should be looking for in a writer. One thing you might want to know about a writer is what they have done in their past to make them qualified for the job. To learn more about what you should be looking for in a writer, click here.

There’s More Out There

We talk a lot about the importance of using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for business in this blog, but the list that your company should be using socially doesn’t end there, not even close. An article from Focus, ”50 Social Sites That Every Business Needs a Presence on,” is a great source for any company which is looking to have a bigger online presence (hint: that should be all of you). One site that we didn’t even know about is called, ”Ning” and it allows users to create their own ​social networks, how cool is that? To learn about the other social sites, click here.

Battle For Video Site Superiority

So you’ve decided to make video for your company, but how will you show them to the world? This is an important question to ask yourself and could make a huge difference. An article by Don Power from Sprout Social Insights, ”YouTube Vs. Vimeo: Which Video Site Is Best for Business,” explores what each site has to offer and what each one lacks. One stat that is sure to catch your eyes in favor of YouTube is its 450 million visitors each month, hard to deny those numbers. On the other hand, Vimeo is much more customizable and that may be imperitive to your brand. If you would like to learn more about each video site, click here.